Popular Culture

Popular Culture

Popular Culture

When it comes to popular culture, some people are not completely sure about what it entails. To put it in basic terms, popular culture refers to what is well-known in a certain country’s society; just about anything can be placed inside this category and the information below shows just a few examples.

Celebrities and Mascots

When an individual appears in a number of television shows or movies, chances are at some point they are going to join the pool of popularity. If they find themselves with a substantial group of fans and their presence is requested everywhere, they can safely say that they are a part of popular culture. Mascots, which are usually fictional representations of a business or organization and take on popular names, can also reach a level of recognition. If they have been around for several years or even a few generations and are showcased in several areas, they have joined popular culture without question. If a person wants to know how to be popular, they can study celebrities.


When a person thinks of an activity or pastime that is popular, baseball may come to mind. Many people enjoy playing or watching baseball, and it has long proven itself to have staying power. Playing board games with the family, riding a bike and looking up popular dog names are also popular activities. The more people that take part in them, the more they can be considered a member of popular culture. Some activities will only be widely practiced for a few short years, while others are unavoidable parts of everyday life. Culture may change in some ways, but in other ways it will remain the same.

Music and Movies

Coming up with a list of notable parts of a certain culture means not excluding music and movies. These mediums can carry a large sway over the population, particularly among the younger members. A number of albums and movies will make a run through the local theater and store and move on, while others will stay around for awhile longer. The style of both of these is dictated by and can dictate popular culture. No matter what, they are a result of the world around them.

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