Popular Dog Names

Popular Dog Names

Popular Dog Names

Once a new dog has entered the family most owners opt for one of several popular dog names. Owners know how to be popular at the dog park by selecting a name that fits the dog well. Much like choosing a name for a child, a dog’s name should the family personality and how his owner seeks the pooch to be regarded. Some employ humor by assigning a large breed dog a name such as “Tiny.” Another example is a small breed dog afforded the moniker “Brutus.”

Popular dog names that imply mightiness such as, “Rocky,” “Zeus” and “Duke” are boasted by a large breed dog. A highly masculine name best suits a confident, strong dog. Human male names are growing in popularity for tailwaggers. “Jake,” “Joey,” “Max” and “Sam” are popular dog names for man’s best friend. “Buddy” is amongĀ  popular names paying homage to the fact that a canine truly is a friend to man. Popular dog names that insinuate femininity are, “Bella,” “Lily,” “Princess,” “Chica,” “Lady,” “Missy” and “Daisy.”

Another variety of popular dog names is those that describe a dog’s appearance. “Bear,” “Wolf,” “Foxy” and “Cub” rank highly for those canines that resemble the respective species. Fur color and texture are acknowledged by popular dog names including, “Ginger,” “Spot,” “Rusty,” “Shadow,” “Rags” and “Fluffy.”

Popular culture has an effect on owners selecting popular dog names inspired by name brands and famous, fictional characters. A sample of popular dog names on this list includes “Lexus,” “Pepsi,” “Oreo,” “Tinkerbell,” “Casper” and “Garfield.”

A category of popular dog names includes naming a dog after a beloved sports team or athlete. Other names reflect the owner’s interest or hobby. “Harley,” “Surfer” and “Race” are examples of this.

Name selection should be chosen with the dog as well as the owner’s personality in mind and be carefully considered as it will be the name called across the yard for years to come.

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